Thursday, April 25, 2013

Leila from China

Leila's Birthday playset (complete with strawberry shortcake!)

Leila is a fashion doll that has several different personalities over in China. She is sometimes called Dream Leila. 

She has some similarities to Licca-Chan, for example, she is petite. Her, Barbie, Licca, Fulla all seem to have a little sister, if not a little brother as well.

Leila is pretty. Her little sister sort of looks like a cross between Ddung and the original Kelly dolls (Barbie's original little sister before she was replaced with Chelsea.)

Leila has lots of fun sets that girls can choose from.

She even has a house. Her house is similar to some of the playsets for Barriguitas and Licca-Chan. I love the open floor plan of these type of doll's houses. I would love to see more doll's houses like these. They give a good view of the doll and her things and you are not blocked off by awkwardly shaped walls.

How to say DOLL In Chinese

Pronounced Wah-Wah

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Doll That Got This Blog Rolling

When I was a teenager my best friend, about the same age as me, sent me a video link as a joke. A cute little baby doll that pees on people. Really? It's from the UK.

She thought it was hilarious. I thought it was fascinating.

Not that the baby pees on people but how different toys are in different cultures. I began searching Youtube and Google both for more information on foreign dolls. I wanted to learn what kind of dolls and toys children from other cultures played with.

I have discovered so many things since that day and I have my best friend to thank for that.

There are different variations of the baby pipi doll. One pees while having his diaper changed. One walks and then stops and pees. They are all boys.

I guess they prepare girls for the reality of having a son.