Saturday, August 20, 2011

Licca-chan? So Kawaii!

Licca-chan is sweet and innocent and very fashionable. I would venture to say, even more so than Barbie. Some call her "Japan's Barbie."

How cute is that? Her parents are playing with her.

You can check out Licca-chan's official site here

It's all in Japanese. It's very cute, though, and seems like fun to spend a bit of time on. The different links take you to various things including Licca's diary. They even have a game page!

You can buy Licca-chan and her stuff from this eBay seller.

Make sure to check that the doll is included before you bid. Some sets may be for outfits or accessories.

Licca-chan, like many other of Barbie's cousins has younger siblings. Like Fulla, Licca has younger siblins who are twins. Their names are Miki and Maki.

To read more about Licca click here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm a Barbie Girl in a Muslim World...

Fulla is the doll making a fashion statement over in the Middle East. Designed to be a role model for Muslim girls everywhere Fulla is a good girl who is "honest, never lies, and respects her parents."

This Fulla is wearing her hijab for going out.

 She dresses more modestly than Barbie who you could say is like her cousin. Middle Eastern girls wanted a doll who resembled them. A doll similar to Barbie but one which dressed as they did. Thus, Fulla was born. You can read a lot more about Fulla on her Wikipedia page which you can find here.

Fulla's younger sister Nour.

Fulla has two younger siblings who are twins. They're names are Nour and Badr. I think it is cool how her younger siblings are twins and that she even has a younger brother, unlike Barbie who only has sisters.

Fulla does not have a boyfriend because of her religious beliefs. However, the company is thinking of making her a protective older brother which is actually pretty cool when you think about it.

This video about Fulla is especially cute at the end.

You can buy Fulla and her brother and sister from this awesome ebay store

You can also check out her main site. 

There are some adorable commercials on the TV ads page. I especially love the Fulla trunk commercial.

How to say doll in Arabic:

Pronounced: Doo-yah

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hola, Barriguitas

So, today I'd like to talk about these little dolls that seem to be popular in Spanish speaking countries and Portugal. They are called  Barriguitas. 

Barriguita translates to "tummy" which I'm assuming refers to the fact that they are a bit chubby. This serves to make them super adorable.

This particular commercial is for a school play-set where the dolls can learn things like English and Anatomy. It appears that there are many different Barriguitas and sets. If you search YouTube you can come up with quite a few commercials.

There is a beach play-set where the dolls can get "sunburned" and a hospital where the dolls can go to have a baby or get patched up after a fall.

If you go to their website you will find it is in Castellano which is the Spanish spoken in Spain with an option to view it in Portuguese. Like other main toy sites they have a product page where you can view different products. 

One of my favorite things about the Barriguitas is the way their play-sets and houses are mostly wider than they are tall unlike a Barbie house where the room so up instead of across.

So far, I cannot find any place to buy Barriguitas dolls or play-sets that ships to the U.S.A. If you know a place, you should get in touch with me.

How to say doll in Spanish:
Pronounced: Moon-yay-cuh

How to say doll in Portuguese:
Pronounced: Boh-nek-uh

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Say hello to future Miss Korea!

Her name is Ddung and she's four years old. Her dad is a doll designer and her mother is an underwear designer so she and her family spend a lot of time in their underwear. Her dad made her a stuffed piggy that she wanted from the store but her Mom wouldn't buy her. She has a cartoon that you can watch on her official website. It is super cute! She also has lots of wallpapers that you can put on your desktop. I have the August calendar on my desktop right now!

She has a special message for you. It is very sweet.

If you want your own Ddung baby you can get her from various places including eBay. She comes in different sizes such as twelve centimeters (4.7 inches) and eighteen centimeters (7.1 inches). She has many different fashions and playsets and is really a very sweet girl.

I think one of the things to note about DeeDee is that her twelve centimeter version is very similar to the American Kelly doll. They are close in size, though, not in appearance. She would fit very well into a dollhouse for Kelly or dolls around that size.

In the above photo, well, it's not exactly Ddung but she is very similar and she is standing next to a "Kelly" imitation. The doll on the right has the style of the Kelly doll before she became a Chelsea doll. 

So, this doll on the left, though she is not an exact Ddung is a good candidate for size comparison because she is also twelve centimeters tall. 
You might notice in the picture this particular doll has a cellphone strap on her head because she is a phone charm so you can take her anywhere. Pretty cool. One annoyance about this particular doll (in my opinion) is that you cannot take her clothes off. It is attached with super glue. I might attempt to remove it later. For now, I'm just going to let it be because she is very beautiful.

Fortunately, if you buy a real Ddung doll her clothes should be removable and you can make or buy new clothes for her to wear so she can have fun new looks.

How to say doll in Korean: